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This project is a 700+ file collection of experiments created by Yubbl.  These experiments in particular explore themes of male to female transformation, body swapping/possession, original works, and much more!  

The creation of these experiments range from October 2016 to March 2020, and the majority of them can be defined as parodic in nature.  All characters who partake in sexual activities are both physically and mentally above the age of 18, and anyone who downloads this project must be above the age of maturity themselves.  Lastly, the descriptions of these works have been lost - so some projects may not be self-explanatory.



  • Dragon Ball - 6 files.
  • Final Fantasy VII - 20 files. (14 are variants.)
  • Kingdom Hearts 18 files. (6 are variants.)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Media - 72 files. (9 are variants.)
    • Games - 59 files. (8 are variants.)
    • OC 143 files. (9 are variants.)
    • Scrapped .SFW Projects - 7 files. (4 are preview images.)
  • One Piece - 18 files. (4 are variants.)
  • Pokemon -  67 files. (8 are variants.)
  • Splatoon - 5 files. (2 are variants.)
  • Super Mario - 50 files. (9 are variants.) 
    • This section includes "Shy Gal" (Inspired by Minus8.)
  • Zelda - 108 files. (21 are variants.) 


  • Clown Bunddl - 7 page fully colored comic.
  • Caption Bunddl - 15 short captions based on Yubbl sketches.
  • Story Bunddl - 3 tales.  Each tale features 3 pages and a colored illustration.
  • Rough Bunddl - Contains 150+ sketches/unfinished work.

(File types can range from .png, .jpeg, .gif, .html, and etc.) 
(These details should be accurate, but if you notice an error feel welcome to contact.) 


There's a variety of reasons for this project's creation, but the main reason was for increased clarity.  My request to everyone would be: please do not rehost or publicly share these images elsewhere.  (Thank you, if you honor this request. )


Buy Now$12.00 USD or more

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